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Join Hitchin Boys' School Old Boys' Association and meet your old school chums! The Hon Sec is waiting for your ticket order. ownload the form on the right to book now and avoid disappointment. Great speaker this year, shouldn't miss it !!!


At the AGM on 21st April 2018 a proposal to alter the name of the Association to 'Htchin Boys' School Former Students' Association' was passed by a majority of those present. The decision was made in line with current practice to degender the name. 



We can now be contacted via Facebook as 'Hitchin Boys' School Former Pupils'. Please become a friend and there can be much more interaction amongst all of us!

Our Association

Our association is made up of Old Boys of all eras, who enjoy making new friends, meeting old ones and simply enjoy spending time together our annual reunion.


Reunion 21st April 2018

Well, the promise of David Stancombe speaking, to celebrate his upcoming 80th Birthday, many staf, former staff and his peer group were cajoled into coming to the Reunion. We had 92 on the night and it was a great occasion with lots of talk, banter, a few speeches well received and quite a lot of imbibation ! The Gallery has pictures from the evening. I can only hope that you will put the date in your Diary for next year so that you can put off all other events for that date and come to the School.


Photos from the Reunion are in the Gallery